15 August 2013

Eternal Memory to Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov (1955-2013)

Eternal Memory to Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov (1955-2013)

On August 2/15, 2013, Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov, a leading figure in the Russian legitimist monarchist movement, social commentator, and the former President of the Russian Christian-Monarchist Union (RKhMS), died in St. Petersburg after a long illness. He was 58 years old.

Alexandrov was born on November 9/22, 1955, in Leningrad. In 1974 he entered the Leningrad Theological Academy, though he never completed his studies. From November 1988 to the beginning of 1990, Alexandrov was a member of the “Democratic Union” party, but became completely disillusioned with the ideology of the organization. His firm Orthodox and Monarchist convictions were rooted in his spiritual and ideological beliefs. In 1990, Alexandrov became one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Monarchist Center (the PMC) and its first Vice-Chairman. After the disbanding of the PMC, he was elected on October 23, 1991, the head a newly formed monarchist organization in St. Petersburg: the Christian-Monarchist Union (RKhMS). He participated in the First All-Russian Monarchist Congress in Taganrog on August 22-23, 1992, contributing significantly to the blocking of many of the proposals that were backed by non-legitimist delegates at the Congress. On April 24, 1993, at a meeting of the St. Petersburg Christian-Monarchist Union—a meeting that became the First Congress of the Russian Christian-Monarchist Union—the delegates elected Alexandrov the President of this new All-Russian organization. In January 1994, he stepped down as President, but continued his work as a member of the organization. In 1991, Alexandrov also joined the editorial boards of the journal Prestol [Throne], and of the newspapers Monarkhist [Monarchist] and Zhizn’ zaTsaria[A Life for the Tsar].

Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov was an uncompromising and unswerving legitimist who loyalty served the legitimate Heads of the House of Romanoff—Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich and Grand Duchess Maria of Russia. He is rightly recognized as a leading thinker and writer on the modern Russian monarchist movement. He wrote numerous articles and policy statements. After the Third Congress of the Russian Christian-Monarchist Union on April 15-16, 1995, which took place in Smolensk, Alexandrov retired from public life, but he continued his studies of Russian dynastic law and monarchism. He wrote articles that were known for their deep erudition, their sound argumentation, and for their elegance of speech and wit. Up to the very end of his life, Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov remained a trusted advisor to the Chancellery of the Head of the Russian Imperial House on a range of legal and historical questions. On August 13, 2013, just a day and a half before his death, bedridden from his illness and in excruciating pain, Mikhail AleksandrovichAlexandrov was on the phone, participating in discussions about various publications and events relating to the 400th anniversary of the ending of the Time of Troubles, the reestablishment of the Russian state, and the ascension to the throne of the House of Romanoff.

For his service to the nation and to the Russian Imperial House, Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov was in 2009 awarded the Imperial Order of St. Anna Third Class by the Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria of Russia. On July 13, 2013, in Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, the Head of the Russian Imperial House personally presented the Imperial Medal “Anniversary of the Nation’s Victory” to Alexandrov. On August 7, 2013, the Director of Her Imperial Highness’s Chancellery, A. N. Zakatov, presented to Alexandrov the “Commemorative Medal of the 400th Anniversary of the House of Romanoff,” along with the accompanying certificate, signed by the Grand Duchess, officially granting him the right to wear the Medal. The Imperial Medal was presented to Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov in the hospital.

On August 4, 2013, the day before he was admitted to the hospital and the Name Day of Grand Duchess Maria of Russia, Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov took Confession and Holy Communion at home. That same day he also took Holy Unction.

The Head of the Russian Imperial House, H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria of Russia,expressesHer sorrow on the passing of Mikhail AlekseevichAlexandrov, and has sent Her condolences to his wife, Irina Iurievna, his son, Platon Mikhailovich, and to all his family and friends.

May the Lord give peace to the soul of His newly-departed servant Mikhail, granting him a place in the abode of the righteous. May the Lord keep him in His Heavenly Kingdom and may his memory be eternal!

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